- - Specialized Evade Skin Suit "ViA(S) Con Dios" for the Competition?

Specialized Evade Skin Suit “ViA(S) Con Dios” for the Competition?

While not every cyclist has the dosh to plunk down on the new Venge ViAS road bike, which Specialized claims can save riders over 5 minute during a 40 kilometer ride, they may be available to make up for lost time with the new Evade GC skin suit.

According to Specialized, the Evade can save a rider up 96 seconds during a 40k ride, and there are matching shoes and a helmet, that the brand claims saves additional time as well.

If all of these claims are correct, I wonder if wearing two of these magical skin suits, and riding only 20km, could shave double the time off of one’s ride ? Could this spell “ViA(S) con dios” for the competition ? 

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