- - Specialized Expands Globe Range of E-Cargo Bikes with New Haul LT

Specialized Expands Globe Range of E-Cargo Bikes with New Haul LT

Specialized has expanded its Globe range of e-cargo bikes with the launch of the new Haul LT, sharing the same capabilities as the current Haul ST, albeit with increased carrying capacity and twice the rear rack space.

The Haul LT now offers a rear rack space of 31 inches, providing enough room for up to six panniers and a 176-pound max rack weight capacity. Overall, the Haul LT has 441 pounds of carrying capacity, while a Class 3 700-watt rear hub motor and 772Wh battery can provide for 60 miles of range.

Additionally, the single-sized frame can accommodate riders from 4-foot-5 to 6-foot-4, along with a telescoping seatpost that has more than 13 inches of adjustability. Also, the quill stem can be extended nearly 6 inches, while the Haul LT rolls on 20-inch x 3.5-inch wheels to enhance stability and has mounting and accessory options.

Elsewhere, the Haul LT’s rear rack is MIK-compatible, meaning it can easily support a wide variety of one-click, easy-to-attach panniers and bags. Moreover, the bike’s carry capacity has also been increased to support a max load of 176 lbs (80kg), which places it among the top tier of cargo bike carriers. 

Transport duties don’t stop there, as front wheel mounts can support a wide variety of panniers, including Specialized’s custom open-top, hard-shell “Coolcaves”. All in, Specialized says you can fit up to six bags on the Haul LT, or up to three passengers.

Additionally, the Haul LT is sold as a Class 3 throttle-less e-bike with a top speed of 28mph. Owners can also opt for a plug-in throttle for $50, which will power the bike to 20mph. Furthermore, to complement the new addition to the Globe range, Specialized is also introducing a host of new accessories, including adjustable cargo rails, side bags, chain locks, wheel covers and a passenger kit.  

The Haul LT comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a two-year e-system warranty, which retails for $3,500.

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