- - Speeco Flaunts Radical Aero ABB (Aero Breakaway Bar) Handlebar

Speeco Flaunts Radical Aero ABB (Aero Breakaway Bar) Handlebar

The Dutch brand Speeco is flaunting it latest radical ABB (Aero Breakaway Bar) handlebar, which features an integrated design that accomplishes ample reach by molding a relatively short stem into an elongated rear section. 

“Why are our stems so long, and our handlebars so short? When riding in his breakaway position, Jan-Willem van Schip was only touching his bars with his wrists. Although it is very aerodynamic, it is not a safe position and not very comfortable either. Together with Jan-Willem, we developed the Speeco ABB. With a 70mm stem, the rest of his reach is added to his handlebars, giving maximum stability, comfort, safety, and drag reduction,” explains Speeco.

Additionally, Speeco says by utilizing a slightly concave shape they were able to create a larger contact area for the rider’s forearms that not only increases comfort, but also allows for a  pseudo-time-trial position, while other highlights include cable integration, as well as an integrated aero mount to accommodate a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computer.

However, perhaps most importantly, each ABB handlebar is custom made to the client’s specifications.

Want one?

Customers better be prepared to lay down some serious money, as the ABB sells for a hefty €1,500, with a €500 deposit required up front.






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