- - Speedvagen "Pit Boots"

Speedvagen “Pit Boots”

No day amidst the mud, hay bails and barriers, would be complete without the proper  footwear. 

At long last, Speedvagen reprises their popular “pit boots”

Did I mention beer also ?   😉 

Speedvagen Pit Boot

So we’ve been dreaming of a rubber boot that would help us skate that delicate line between the practical (wanting to have dry cozy feet) and indulgence (looking good). We wanted a boot that would both nurture our sensitive side, while maintaining that hard-man exterior that a crew needs to wear in the pits of the pro racing circuits. 

Our dream boots were in development for about a year and we are beyond stoked to offer them to you for hard working good times. The

Speedvagen Pit Boot!


-US made 
-Soft semi-insulated interior 
-Dual density Sole; the black being ideal for rugged terrain and the red gripping on smooth slippery surfaces (think port-a-potty floor) 
-B.O.A. (Bureau of Awesome!) Rating of 11

Women’s Conversion: the general rule is to subtract two sizes from your U.S. women’s size to find the appropriate size in U.S. men’s shoes.

*The Speedvagen pit boots run large by 1/2 size. If you are wearing a very thick wool sock, you should be good with your standard size. Otherwise, we suggest you order one size smaller.


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