- - SPENGLE Stuns with Futuristic Monocoque Carbon Wheelset

SPENGLE Stuns with Futuristic Monocoque Carbon Wheelset

While SPENGLE says it can trace its roots back to the 1980’s, the Swiss brand is new to us.

In any case, SPENGLE’s latest monocoque carbon wheelset is a real stunner to behold, harking back to some one-piece carbon designs that we haven’t seen since the days of Spinergy.

From its unique custom carbon layup, to the innovative bonded aluminum hub casing, SPENGLE claims every aspect of its wheel has been designed to “create the fastest, safest, most agile wheel on the market.”

As one can glean from the images, the wheel comprises just three spokes in a monocoque design, which according SPENGLE yields a wheelset that’s both stronger and more reliable than its traditional counterparts – underscoring the company’s motto “spokes suck”.

According to SPENGLE, its wheelset uses a hookless UST tubeless bead design that has an internal width of 24mm, making way for a wide-range of riding applications such as cross-country to roadplus, with tires choices ranging from 37mm to a whopping 62mm (1.5″-2.5″).

Additionally, the wheelset can accommodate either standard or BOOST spacing, along with a Centerlock rotor interface that’s designed to work with 15mm front and 12mm rear thru-axles. However, the SPENGLE wheel is currently designed to work only with Shimano style cassette bodies.

Weighing in at 1,750g, the SPENGLE wheel won’t win any weight weenie awards. But, that’s not the company’s goal, instead focussing on performance and reliability as its hallmarks. That would explain why the wheelset comes with a lifetime warranty.

The SPENGLE wheel sells for €1490, which can be spec’d out with either a standard 100mm or 110mm BOOST hub. 

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Using a high-end blend of carbon fiber, and state of the art production techniques, including “Industry 4.0” and FEM, SPENGLE are able to produce a wheelset that redefines what the rider can expect from their wheels.

Instead of merely adding dimples to the rim and calling it progress, SPENGLE have looked to re-engineer the entire wheel. The elbow structure allows us to use the properties of carbon fibre to redistribute the incoming forces away from the rider and across the wheel as a whole, smoothing the experience for the rider.

RFID chipping and controlled measurements at every step of the process allow SPENGLE to monitor the structural integrity of the wheel throughout the manufacturing process.

Our engineering team has decades of experience between them; in automotive, aerospace, cycling and ski-sports, including having helped Olympic and World Champion athletes go faster than their competitors.

SPENGLE is a customer-centric company, we are passionate riders ourselves, and place the customer riding experience at the very heart of all that we do.



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