- - Spinergy Unveils New GX Max Wheelsets

Spinergy Unveils New GX Max Wheelsets

Borrowing heavily from their past motocross designs, Spinergy has launched two new wheelsets under the banner GX Max, offering gravel and adventure cyclists alike a choice between either a 650B or 700c set of wheels.

“Inspired by motocross, Spinergy integrated larger axles and 28 spokes for increased lateral stiffness when cornering, and for out of the saddle efforts,” the company said. “Plus, increased diameter of the cassette driver ring and pawl carrier contribute to better transfer of power.”

The GX Max wheelsets are designed around a 24mm internal rim, along with 28 spokes for greater lateral stiffness and a wide choice of tire options. 

The wheels also feature a wider diameter cassette driver ring and pawl carrier for increased power transfer, as well as Spinergy’s renowned PBO spokes that are made up of over 30,000 strands of waterproof Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole fiber, which claim to be  three-times stronger than stainless steel at half the weight, while also providing dampening properties.

The new GX Max wheelsets sell $699, which are available with a number of spoke color options. 





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