- - SRAM Introduces New Apex Groupsets in Mechanical and Electronic Versions

SRAM Introduces New Apex Groupsets in Mechanical and Electronic Versions

Traditionalists will rejoice, now that SRAM has announced the introduction of a new Apex 12-speed mechanical groupset, while disciples of the brand’s AXS shifting will also be treated to electronic versions.

Dubbed the E-01 Series, the electronic groupsets are available in two configurations, AXS Eagle and AXS XPLR, with both sharing the same Apex 1 Wide crankset and drop-bar control layout with aluminum cranksets (165 to 175mm with 38T to 42T chainrings) that utilize SRAM’s lightweight DUB spindle and direct-mount X-SYNC chainrings, along with a wider chain line that’s aimed at accommodating bigger tires.

Plus, there’s also an MTB-style flat-bar brake lever arrangement available for both Apex AXS and Apex mechanical.

Like their MTB counterparts, the groupsets get SRAM’s overload clutch feature and cage lock functionality, while the derailleur is fitted with the same components, materials and construction as SRAM’s GX level.

Regarding cassettes, they’re built to NX level, allowing cassettes from both AXS Eagle and XLPR AXS to fit a traditional 11-speed HG-style driver body for broader integration. Moreover, the XPLR AXS is offered in three cassette options, 11-44T, 10-44T or 10-36T. However, the derailleur doesn’t feature a cage lock, but does employ a spring-loaded clutch for secure chain management over all terrain and surfaces.

Additionally, SRAM offers a power meter option for $250, relying on the same Quarq DUB-PWR spindle-based unit that’s equipped on the Rival 1x groupset. As a spindle-based design, power is measured on one side only but still provides the accuracy of spider-based power meters, according to SRAM thanks to strain gauges that are housed within the left crank arm or spindle side, while the battery hardware plugs into the spindle from the drive side.

All in, SRAM says the Apex XPLR AXS tips the scales at 2,900g, while AXS Eagle comes in at  3,191g.

The groupsets will be available this month, with pricing expected to range from $2,500 to $2800.

Mechanical Eagle and XPLR 

According to SRAM, the mechanical shifters are fitted with the same hydraulic brake levers as the AXS groupset, but rely on cable-actuated gears, while the levers and hoods follow the same profile as the latest Rival and Force groups. In addition, the groupsets’ gear actuation is housed inside, so it works with with SRAM’s current 12-speed mountain bike derailleurs. Also, the DoubleTap mechanism is now located on the “pommel”, offering greater ease of shifting thanks to better leverage.

To make all this work, SRAM says they had to modified their GX mechanical derailleurs by adding a barrel adjuster, along with two versions in order for it to accommodate both Eagle and XPLR cassettes.

SRAM says, its new mechanical Apex Eagle and XPLR groupsets won’t be available until September, with prices starting around $1,000. 

Complete Groupset Prices are (include VAT for £/€):

  • Apex AXS XPLR – $1,195 / £1262 / €1411
  • Apex AXS Eagle – $1,294 / £1303 / €1460
  • Apex AXS Flat Bar XPLR – $1,063 / £1099 / €1225
  • Apex AXS Eagle Flat Bar – $1,162 / £1140 / €1274
  • Apex mechanical XPLR – $987 / £1060 / €1176
  • Apex mechanical Eagle – $971 / £1035 / €1149
  • Apex mechanical XPLR Flat Bar – $696 / £730 / €811
  • Apex mechanical Eagle Flat Bar – $680 / £705 / €784

Claimed Weights for Complete Groupsets:  

  • Apex AXS XPLR – 2,890g
  • Apex AXS Eagle – 3,181g
  • Apex mechanical XPLR – 2,872g
  • Apex mechanical Eagle – 3,062


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