- - SRAM Launches New SRAM DUB 1X Crank System

SRAM Launches New SRAM DUB 1X Crank System

Gravel grinders and road plus enthusiasts will rejoice, now that SRAM has announced the launch of its new DUB (Durable, Unifying Bottom Bracket) 1X crank system.  

“Forward thinking and backwards compatible DUB BB/Crank technology is the workhorse without restraint. Designed for the most discerning pros. And riders who set it and neglect it. DUB is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards. Offering better sealing than ever before, without having to make compromises to fit all frames. Yet it opens the door for a new crank spindle for the world’s all-time lightest crank set. It’s a new approach that embraces the old. And it’s about time”, says SRAM. 

The new DUB crank system consolidates all of SRAM’s previous axle diameters into a single design, which they claim is compatible with all of the current frame standards on the market. 

According the SRAM, after extensive testing, they chose to go with a new 28.99mm axle diameter for the DUB, which they claim yielded the best balance between bearing size, durability, and weight. In addition, the DUB system gets more seals than previous models in order to keep contaminants like water and dirt from working their way into the bearings. Moreover, engineers decided to utilize metal cups on their press-fit bottom brackets this time around instead of using plastic. 

Additionally, the new DUB system now places the bearings on the outside of the frame, which SRAM says ensures that they sit the same distance apart with better alignment, while also allowing them to be considerably larger for increased strength.

The bearings themselves feature a new profile and seals that serve to tightened up tolerances and improve sealing. Furthermore, the steel cups now act as the outer race for the bearings, which provide additional room for more robust seals and o-rings between the axle and bottom bracket shields.

In addition to standardizing specs across their range of cranksets, SRAM succeeded in shedding considerable weight as well, by virtue of the DUB’s smaller axle diameter, along with some new machining techniques and carbon fabrication tweaks.

The most startling result, is the new XX1 Eagle DUB SL chainset, which tips the scale at an incredibly light 490 grams- including the bottom bracket

The DUB system will initially be available on SRAM’s XX1, X01 and GX Eagle, Descendant and Stylo cranksets, which replaces the previous GXP and BB30 options.

Check out SRAM’s informative video below. 

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