- - SRAM Lifts the Curtains on New RED AXS Groupset

SRAM Lifts the Curtains on New RED AXS Groupset

After months of speculation and spurious images circulating the web, SRAM has finally lifted the curtains on its new RED AXS groupset, touting it as the lightest drivetrain on the market.

At first glance, the most obvious change is the redesigned brake levers, which have a higher pivot point, along with an independent reach adjustment to accommodate riders of all sizes and preferences, as well as a new “Bonus Button” that can be configured to control ANT+ devices.

However, the overarching theme of the revamped RED AXS was the reduction of weight, which saw 83 grams alone shed from the levers, while the brake rotors were treated to a new skeletal design and improved pad clearance to strip away even more grams.

While SRAM has been a pioneer in the concept of 1x drivetrains, the front derailleur on the new RED AXS has been bolstered to accommodate 46/33T, 48/35T, 50/37T, 52/39T, 54/41T and 56/43T chainring configurations. Moreover, an auto trim function has been added to allow for micro-adjusting the position of the derailleur to prevent chain rub when in extreme gear combinations.

Additionally, SRAM has also extended the gearing range of the rear derailleur, which can now accommodate a 36-tooth cassette, giving riders the option to run an even wider ratio cassette than before, while in a bid to increase efficiency, the size of the pulley wheels has also been increased, resulting in less chain articulation that in turn lessens friction and improves overall drivetrain efficiency.

Elsewhere, SRAM has added two new 1x and 2x power meter options on the RED AXS, which features active temperature compensation with a claimed accuracy of +/-1.5% making it the most accurate meter SRAM has ever made. Not surprisingly, the new power meter is also 29 grams lighter than the previous models thanks to a new hollow carbon crank design.

SRAM offers the 1x power meter with a 50-tooth chain ring, while the 2x variant is available in 50/37T, 48/35T and 46/33T configurations. However, if customers initially opt out of the power meter option, both the cranksets can be upgraded later.

SRAM has also embraced the emerging trend for shorter crankarm lengths by offering a 160mm option.

There’s no shortage of gearing with the new RED AXS either, with cassette options that span 10-28T, 10-30T, 10-33T and 10-36T, while the Flattop chain sees a claimed 13-gram reduction in weight, but not at the cost of durability.

The groupset is rounded off with new 140mm and 160mm Paceline X rotors, which feature SRAM’s lightest aluminum spider to date.

A complete RED AXS groupset sells for $3,000.

Here’s how the individual components breakdown: 

  • Cassette – Standard: $390
  • Cassette – Rainbow: $410
  • Chain – Standard: $89
  • Chain – Rainbow: $99
  • Quick Link Connector: $18
  • Crankset w/ Standard Chainrings: $700
  • Crankset w/ Power Meter Chainrings: $1,200
  • Crankset w/o Chainrings: $400
  • Chainrings w/ Power Meter: $800 (1x or 2x, all sizes)
  • Chainrings – 2x Standard: $300
  • Chainrings – 1x Standard: $135 – $240
  • Shifter/Brake Levers w/ Caliper: $675 (per side)
  • Paceline X rotors: $70
  • Front Derailleur: $450
  • Rear Derailleur: $700




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