- - Storck Touts New Aerfast.5 as "Fastest Bike in the World"

Storck Touts New Aerfast.5 as “Fastest Bike in the World”

Storck has unveiled its latest aero bike dubbed the Aerfast.5, touting it as “the world’s fastest bike”, a bold claim for even the German brand that’s renowned for producing some pretty slippery bikes. 

According to Storck, the new Aerfast.5 can cheat the wind to the effect of requiring just 195 watts to sustain 28mph (45kph,) a speed reached using measurements by the GST Society for Flow Measurement Technology, based on Tour Magazine’s testing protocols.

“The aerodynamics of the road bike have been further improved in key areas. Where the Aerfast.4 already presented enormous optimizations through the wider fork and more aerodynamic handlebar stem unit, the entire frame of the Aerfast.5 has been revised in multiple wind tunnel sessions, resulting in overall improved aerodynamics and increased material efficiency. The head tube is particularly striking. The new UCI guidelines make it possible to direct the airflow even more efficiently to the rear of the frame. The weight of the Aerfast.5 frame has been further reduced through computer-aided frame design and the use of the highest quality carbon fibers, which has a positive effect on overall performance. The novelty also stands out visually and will be launched in the Team Edition with a blue color gradient, which the Storck Metropolcycling team will show in professional cycling in the future. We remain true to the design language of the previous Aerfast models,” boasts Storck.

In addition to aerodynamics, Storck says keeping frame weight down was critically important as well, with the Aerfast.5 tipping the scales at a svelte 890 grams thanks to the uses of “high-quality carbon fibers” and “computer-aided frame layout”, while a complete bike equipped with SRAM Red or Dura-Ace Di2 is claimed to weigh in at 6.9kg.

But how does it ride?

Unlike the harsh ride that’s synonymous with most aero bikes, Storck says the Aerfast.5 is designed to afford “sporty riding comfort,” while also providing “high rigidity” power transfer courtesy of “improved bottom bracket stiffness.”

The Aerfast.5 is available in three complete builds across six sizes ranging from  XS to XXL.

All models come with a one-piece cockpit and the DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut 62 wheels, with the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 model fetching €10,599, while the SRAM Red eTap AXS 1x and 2x variants will set buyers back €10,699 and €10,299, respectively.




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