- - Strava Expands Integration with RunSignUp Race Management Platform

Strava Expands Integration with RunSignUp Race Management Platform

As part of the company’s ever-increasing pursuit of adding integration to its popular training platform, Strava has announced the addition of RunSignUp, which provides users with a race management platform for more than 15,000 events. 

As a result, Strava says,  the integration will make it easier for users to register for events and to use its social network to share their training and race performance. 

The updates to Strava include Strava Club Integration, allowing races to link athletes directly to the event’s Strava Club via the race website, so athletes can virtually train alongside others preparing for the event. RunSignUp events can also appear on Strava’s Featured Race calendar and races can access a quick link to their Strava Club and a set of Strava logos that they can use to promote their Strava Club and expand its reach.

Bob Bickel, the founder and CEO of RunSignUp, said, “the initial response to our partnership has been tremendous. Races are gaining exposure and building a connection between their participants in the lead up to the race, creating an experience that is longer than just one day.”

“As Strava continues to expand its reach among cyclists, triathletes, and runners, the RunSignUp community has been a great partner,” said Strava’s VP of business development and strategy, David Lorsch. “Races love being able to give participants the chance to set their goals, track their training, and most importantly share their journey with others.”

The new integration features are now live. You can learn more about them by visiting Strava’s website here

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We have received great feedback on the Strava integration. Races love the fact they can extend the meaning of their race from just race day into the training part of the race – thus extending the race brand and meaning. Races also appreciate that Strava is providing sponsor dollars when new users sign up for Strava from their race websites.

We have collaborated with Strava to provide some additional functionality that will bring races even more ways to benefit from this technology partner.

The new settings can be found on the National Sponsors Page (Strava even pays your race when new Strava members join!).

Strava Club Integration

We have made it simple to integrate your race with a dedicated Strava Club. Once the connection is made, then existing Strava members will be redirected to your Strava Club page when they click on one of the Strava links on your RunSignUp Race Website (for example the Strava sponsor logo or the links on the Strava page). For new Strava members, they will redirect to your club once they sign up for a seamless experience.

When you make the connection to your club, we automatically highlight the club on your RunSignUp Race Website

Strava Featured Running Races

You can now add your race to the Strava Featured Races list:

Strava Logo Pack

We have added a full pack of Strava Logos to place on your website and email.

Strava Direct Link

We’ve made available a direct link that you can use on your own website and emails to highlight your Strava club.

As we get more feedback, we will take a look for ways to further integrate. Also, we will be having a joint webinar with Strava in the coming weeks.

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