- - Strava Launches Native App for Apple Watch 2

Strava Launches Native App for Apple Watch 2


At long last, Strava has finally launched a native app specifically designed for the Apple Watch 2, so lovers of the Cupertino-based wearable can finally keep up with their Android friends. 

There’s not a lot to say about the appearance of the new Strava app for the Apple Watch 2, as it basically does the same job that it does now (tracking time, pace, distance, speed and heart rate), albeit without the need for bootstrapping it to a smartphone.

The iOS app version is 5.13.0 and it will be making its way out as an automatic update.

It’s also available now from the App Store if you can’t wait.

Strava’s Head of Integration, Mateo Ortega, hinted of more to come, saying that this is just a “first step” in its plans for Strava on the Apple Watch 2.

“We’re excited to add to our growing list of compatible devices, and see this as the first step in providing our athletes an excellent Strava experience on the Apple Watch Series 2,” he said. “Our athletes can look forward to continued updates as we strive to provide the best Watch experience possible.”


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