- - Strava Now Allows Users to Send Direct Messages

Strava Now Allows Users to Send Direct Messages

A new update to the Strava app now allows users will to privately message other users within the app, as well as group messages.

“The introduction of Messaging marks an exciting milestone for Strava,” said Zipporah Allen, Strava’s Chief Business Officer. “This highly anticipated feature adds depth to what makes Strava special – a global community rooted in authentic connections. It also underscores our unwavering dedication to continually prioritize the athlete experience and what we are building for them.”

The inaugural version of the feature launched today, which as mentioned, offers two core options: direct (one-on-one) and group messages, enabling seamless coordination, connectivity, and celebration of accomplishments and progress. Additional features integrated into Strava Messaging include:

  • Share an Activity and/or Route: Easily share Activities and Routes to messaging to help assist in coordination and celebration.
  • Group Message Customization: Message creators can personalize the name of group chats for a more tailored experience.
  • Have Fun: Athletes can bring motivation, hype and even some friendly competition through message reactions, gifs, and replies.

Additionally, athletes on Strava can customize the Messaging feature based on their desired experience on the platform. For example, athletes can set their preferences on who can invite them to a Group Message or who can Message them directly. Settings will be automatically set based on an athlete’s profile visibility but can be adjusted to receive messages to and from ‘Following,’ ‘Mutuals,’ or ‘No One,’ under settings in the Strava app.

Strava said it’s hoping to continue upgrading the messaging feature with a host of new features in 2024. These include messaging within Strava Clubs, conversations based on specific topics within a Club, and photo uploads in messaging.

To learn more about Strava Messaging, click here. For more information on Strava, to create a free account, or to start a free subscription trial visit

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