- - "Strike: The Helmet Project" Brings Awareness to Brain Injury

“Strike: The Helmet Project” Brings Awareness to Brain Injury

Strike: The Helmet Project, brings together talented artists and creative individuals amongst the UK’s cycling culture, and turns the every day bike helmet into a work of art as a means of raising awareness for brain injury.  

The project was initiated by tattoo artist, Alex Binnie, whose wife was involved in a cycling accident in 2015 that left her with a serious brain injury. Bonnie believes, had his wife been wearing a helmet, she may have escaped the accident no brain injury at all.

Fortunately however, after a year of rehabilitation, his wife finally recovered. But, the impact and circumstances of the accident have led the couple to launch a project that brings awareness to brain injury and the importance of wearing a helmet.

Run in conjunction with brain injury association Headway, Strike convened 27 prominent artists in the UK to create a series of one-off helmets in order to help raise money for the charity.

 ‘This exhibition is to raise awareness about brain injury and the importance of bike helmets and provide essential financial support to the charity Headway,’ says Binnie.

“And we also want to have a bit of fun by turning a rather functional piece of kit into a piece of art, why can’t bike helmets be the new skateboard?”

The helmets will be exhibited at London’s Look Mum No Hands! bike café beginning September 1, where each helmet will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Headway.

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