- - Strip and Wax Your Chain with SILCA's New StripChip and Ultimate Chain Wax System

Strip and Wax Your Chain with SILCA’s New StripChip and Ultimate Chain Wax System

SILCA is offering a new solution to strip and wax your chain with two new products called the StripChip and Ultimate Wax System.

“Cycling is a sport rooted in tradition. We often see slow progress to new standards even after the science proves it to be beneficial. We saw this with tire size, tubeless, and waxed drivetrains. Today, SILCA is once again at the forefront of cycling tech. StripChiptakes everything we have learned about waxed drivetrains and removes the barriers to chain waxing. We replaced the days of hardware store chemistry sets with Chain Stripper, and once again, we have made it even easier to get into waxed drivetrains. SILCA StripChip is an additive to Secret Chain Blend that can best be described as an “in-wax chain degreaser.” In reality, it uses the power of a technology called oleo-gelation to convert factory grease into a solid, wax-analogous version of itself. Simply put, pop in one square of StripChip with Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax and a new factory chain can go straight in,” explains SILCA.

Since the system needs a higher temperature than typical waxing, SILCA is keen to offer a 600ml hotpot, chain hanging coupler and a drip stand, wherein users simply add 400g of wax with one square of StripChip. 

While other means such as a Crockpot, Instant Pot, or a double boiler can be used, reaching the precise temperature of 125ºC is critical, so SILCA’s own hotpot is strongly recommended. 

Available now, the StripChip sells for $24 for a brick of 6 chips. One chip is used for 400g of wax, while the leftover wax in the pot is reusable for future waxings.  

The Chain Waxing System is available for $99, which only includes the wax warmer pot, drip stand and cable coupler.  


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