- - STYX Powermeter Brings Wearable Powermeter Technology to Shoe Cleats

STYX Powermeter Brings Wearable Powermeter Technology to Shoe Cleats

STYX Powermeter is a wearable cycling powermeter that is fully embedded in the cleat. The device is mounted directly to one’s cycling shoes, which requires no modification to the shoes or bike. Once mounted, STYX Powermeter can measure how you push the pedal, how your force is distributed on the cleat, giving insight into your technique, your pedaling efficiency, and your fit to your bike.

According to the designers of STYX Powermeter, “the dynamics of pedaling are complex. The pedaling motion involves forces in different directions over a full cycle of 360 degrees. STYX Powermeter does not simplify the process by reporting a single power value. Instead, the device utilizes state-of-the-art magnetic force sensors and inertial sensors to simultaneously measure force vectors and the velocity of the pedal.”

Measuring the force distribution of both legs, STYX Powermeter gives analytics on your technique and efficiency over the 360 degrees pedaling cycle. This data, combined with the artificial intelligence learning algorithms allows you to monitor the power transfer from both legs with unprecedented detail. Analytics on cadence, L/R balance, power zones, and the power circle are also provided. Based on the insights into your technique and your long-term biomechanical output, you can gradually improve your cycling technique to increase strength and endurance.

Wearable Powermeter

The STYX Powermeter mounts on each shoe just as a standard cleat does and requires no modification, thus, it can be transferred effortlessly between bikes.

STYX Powermeter communicates wirelessly with standard bike computers and smartphones, and it’s compatible with popular third-party apps such as Strava.

In addition, the special STYX Powermeter app and website provide training statistics that aid bike enthusiasts as well as professional athletes. STYX powermeter offers cyclists enriched data to continuously monitor their performance and to improve their  cycling technique with scientific feedback.

The Team Behind the Technology

STYX Powermeter was developed by Magnes Sports, the sports division of the tech startup Magnes. The founders of Magnes, an international and interdisciplinary team, come from the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The laboratory has realized many exciting research projects that range from creating microrobots capable of navigating the human body to designing sensors for measuring forces across a broad range of scales.

To fund the last phase of the project and to bring STYX Powermeter to the market, Magnes will use the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. To kick-start the production of STYX Powermeter the crowdfunding campaign will be launched on August 28, 2017.

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