- - The Sufferfest Introduces New "Mental Training Program"

The Sufferfest Introduces New “Mental Training Program”

For months, The Sufferfest team has been toiling in their underground lab to create the newest version of The Sufferfest app. Their work is finally done.

According to The Sufferfest, the latest 4.0 version of its app includes not only a metric SUF-load of enhancements and new features, but also marks the release of the company’s new Mental Training Program.

Taken together with Sufferfest’s library of structured workouts, integrated training plans, and the Yoga for Cyclists Program, The Sufferfest Complete Training System represents the only training app available that addresses the needs of the complete cyclist: bike, body, and mind.

The new 10-week Mental Training Program marks a year-long effort to create a series of 20 audio modules and companion exercises that will help cyclists build the 4 Habits of the Mentally Tough. The workbook can be found in The Sufferfest’s Training Plan tab towards the bottom of the page, where users can download it in order to access the audio modules by simply clicking on the ‘Mental’ icon in the video list.

“What we were really trying to do is to make the most successful cyclists and triathletes as possible and we started thinking about what else do these athletes need besides cycling workouts or running workouts, and that’s when we added our yoga for cycling series, which has been really well received,” says The Sufferfest’s David McQuillen as reported by Bike Radar. 

“We thought, what else can we start to offer to cyclists and triathletes to help them become better athletes. Not just one set of exercises like cycling training videos but stuff that made them a lot more well rounded and a lot more successful,” he explained to Bike Radar. 

To support the Mental Training Program, the latest version of the app now has a new Achievements feature, which allows cyclists to compete in challenges, earn badges, track their progress, and review their all-time best performances. McQuillen also alluded to a new Strength training program, which will be released to the app later this year.

“We realized that while these tools are used by elite athletes, 99 percent of everyday athletes like you and I, we never do anything to try and improve our mental game,” McQuillen said. “The most recent example was with Tom Dumoulin who is saying that he hasn’t changed anything about his training to become a better climber, and he hasn’t lost weight, he just changed the way he thought about himself. It’s stories like that that show how important mental training is to an athlete”, reported Bike Radar.

The Mental Training Program is now available in The Sufferfest app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

A subscription costs $10 a month and gives cyclists access to the entire Sufferfest catalogue of videos, training plans and supporting documentation. There is also a seven-day free trial available.

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