- - SURU Introduces the World’s First Scrambler Electric Bicycle

SURU Introduces the World’s First Scrambler Electric Bicycle

Looking as much a moped as it does an electric bicycle, SURU has introduced what the Canadian brand claims to be the world’s first scrambler eBike.

Not surprisingly, the SURU Scrambler is based on the company’s One Fifty electric moped, which was first introduced in 2016, capitalizing on those strengths and innovations to create an interesting new take on the electric-assisted bike.

Designed and developed by international award winning motorcycle designer, Michael Uhlarik, the SURU Scrambler aims to expand the eBike market with models that are just at home off-road as they are navigating the urban landscape.

“There are so many people who love the look and feel of cafe racer and dirt tracker style motorcycles” says Uhlarik. “But getting into motorcycling can be scary. The e-bike offers the ideal platform for all kinds of people to dive into the fun of the custom motorcycle experience without fear or high cost. The Scrambler is just the first of many iterations of the SURU concept to come”

The SURU Scrambler integrates a sophisticated motorcycle-grade front and rear suspension, lighting and electric powertrain storage into a clean, elegant and robust design.

Using proprietary technology developed for the company’s Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle, it features an electric range of almost 45 miles with electric-assist alone, which can obviously be extended through pedaling.

The removable, lockable battery and all the eBike’s electronics are safely integrated inside the frame where they are protected from weather and theft, requiring only 3.5 hours for a full charge.

The SURU Scrambler is manufactured in Canada, and satisfies all of the safety and equipment requirements for both the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada, without the need for a license or insurance either.

The SURU Scrambler sells for $2900.00, which includes a lifetime warranty.

You can learn more about the eBike by visiting SURU’s website here

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