- - Sweet Protection Aims to Cheat the Wind with New Redeemer 2Vi MIPS Time Trial Helmet

Sweet Protection Aims to Cheat the Wind with New Redeemer 2Vi MIPS Time Trial Helmet

Sweet Protection is aiming to cheat the wind with its latest Redeemer 2Vi MIPS time trial helmet, which was developed in partnership the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and Kyle Forster, an aerodynamics expert who has previously worked at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

First spotted at last month’s Volta ao Algarve, and most recently during today’s team time trial in Paris-Nice, the Redeemer 2Vi MIPS is designed to integrate with the rider’s upper body and shoulders, thereby reducing aerodynamic drag thanks to bold “outwashing” edges and a central opening that Forster refers to as “Laminar Flow Bypass Duct”, which is designed to direct airflow through two internal channels within the helmet.

According to Sweet Protection, Søren Wærenskjold, a rider on the Uno-X squad who also won the 2022 U23 individual time trial World Champion, availed himself to extensive 3D-body scanning and Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling while developing the Redeemer 2Vi MIPS.

From there, both Wærenskjold and Joss Lowden, who also rides for Uno-X and previously held the Women’s UCI Hour Record, underwent further wind-tunnel testing at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub as well.

The results showed that the Redeemer 2Vi MIPS not only yielded a better aerodynamic signature than other designs, but also maintained its aerodynamic properties during a range of different riding positions.

Regarding weight, Sweet Protection claims the new aero lid weighs in around 490 grams in a size large / extra-large (59-61cm), while the small / medium (53-58cm) tips the scales at around 350g.

With respect to safety, as its name suggests, the Redeemer 2Vi MIPS features a MIPS Air Node rotational impact liner.

Sweet Protection says the Redeemer 2Vi MIPS will be available for purchase in autumn 2023, which will be offered in black or white, with pricing estimated to be around €450.


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