- - Swiss Start-Up ILEVE DISTRICT Flaunts New 3D-Printed Modular Sunglasses

Swiss Start-Up ILEVE DISTRICT Flaunts New 3D-Printed Modular Sunglasses

The Swiss start-up ILEVE DISTRICT has entered the eyewear segment with a newly developed, 3D-printed design that forgoes the need for hardware, instead relying on temples that simply click into place, along with an integrated nose pad.

“Open the temples, click in, ride off! Our screwless click-in technology is patent pending. It provides maximum stability when you need it the most: While climbing out of the saddle or on rapid descents,” boasts ILEVE DISTRICT.

According to ILEVE DISTRICT, the new sunglasses were inspired by the design principles of the influential industrial designer Dieter Rams, wherein a modular construction limits the design to just the essentials like one lens, one frame, two temples and four pins that are adjustable. This approach not only makes for straightforward and sustainable design, but the brand also notes that it’s the key to keeping the whole manufacturing process in Switzerland. 

Tipping the scales at a mere 26 grams, the new sunglasses are available in two sizes in order to suit a wide-range of cyclists. 

However, none of this comes cheap, as the new sunglasses fetch a commanding  269.00 (roughly $310).

Oh, where does the name ILEVE DISTRICT come from?

In the company’s words, “ILEVE means BICYCLE in an old secret language. The language was spoken in Bern, in a district near the Aare river. For us, ILEVE is not only a tribute to our home town, our heritage. It’s also a homage to cycling, our passion. And even more: It’s a metaphor for the hidden and the unseen.”




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