- - T-Lab Bikes and Boyd Cycling Partner on Limited Edition Contest Bike

T-Lab Bikes and Boyd Cycling Partner on Limited Edition Contest Bike

T-Lab Bikes and Boyd Cycling have partnered to create a limited edition bike to celebrate the South Carolina-based wheel brand’s 10th Anniversary. 

But, will it be a gravel or road bike from the small batch titanium frame builder in Montreal and boutique wheel maker? They’re asking enthusiasts to decide.

“The gravel bike will take up to a 650B x 51 wheel and the next generation road bike will accept up to a 700 x 35 tire. We will produce one model in one category and the vote is up to you,” says T-Lab and Boyd.

One consideration is T-Lab’s X3 gravel “one-bike-to-rule” model, which features clearance enough to accommodate a 700c x 42mm or a 650b x 51mm tire, along with internal cable routing, flat mount disc brakes, 12mm thru axles and Boyd’s bomb-proof Altamont Lite alloy wheels,    Jocassee 650b or Pinnacle 700c carbon gravel wheels.

Option two, is T-Lab’s R3 road bike (one that I have 😀 ), complete with flat mount disc brakes and 12mm thru axles, with a frame geometry that’s designed around a whopping 700 X 35mm tire.  

Descending on roads will be unfair to your riding buddies,” says T-Lab and Boyd. “Chip seal roads become buttery smooth, as the larger tires we have all grown to love absorb road vibration while also providing better traction and lower rolling resistance.”  

The R3 road bike will include build options with Boyd’s Altamont alloy wheels as well, or their 36 Road Disc carbon wheels. 

So far, Boyd is siding with the R3, “but the decision is ultimately the peoples’,” both brands say. 

Voting opened up on Monday August, 26 10 am EST on Boyd Cycling’s Instagram (@boydcycling) and Facebook pages ( ) and will continue for one week. 

People can visit either page and place a vote.


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