- - T-Lab Introduces New X3.22 Gravel Bike

T-Lab Introduces New X3.22 Gravel Bike

The Montreal-based T-Lab Bikes has introduced its latest flagship gravel bike called the X3.22, which features revised geometry, a new T-Bone seatstay design and increased clearance that can accommodate tires up to 700×45, as well as a stiffer, sleeker carbon fork.

“We started T-Lab to push titanium forward, and that means always looking to improve from a performance standpoint,” said Rob Rossi, Co-Founder of T-Lab.

“With the X3, that wasn’t easy, since a lot of people have called it the perfect gravel bike. All things considered, we believe this sets a new technical standard for a titanium gravel bike,” he adds. 

Like every T-Lab bike, the X3.22 frame features a unique, radically shaped titanium profile, which delivers up to 30% more lateral rigidity than conventional round tube titanium bikes without compromising on comfort and ride quality that the sought-after metal is renowned for.

Additionally, each X3.22 is manufactured in-house and tailored to the client’s specifications, with a lead time of just 6-to-8-weeks.  

“We’re fortunate to have built-up a cult following over the years, one satisfied rider at-a-time,” says Rossi. “With gravel bikes continuing to grow in popularity, the X3.22 will help us bring the advantages of our new school titanium to even more people.”

You can learn more about the new X33.22 gravel bike by visiting T-Lab’s website here. 


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