- - Tacx Introduces New NEO Motion Plates

Tacx Introduces New NEO Motion Plates

Tacx has introduced its latest accessory to compliment their range of smart trainers called the NEO Motion Plates, easy-to-mount motion plates that bring multidirectional movement to the Dutch brands NEO, NEO 2 and NEO 2T smart trainers, mimicking the feeling of riding outdoors with each pedal stroke.

“Cyclists are always looking for ways to make indoor training more productive and enjoyable,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “By adding multidirectional movement to the Tacx NEO smart trainers, the Tacx NEO Motion Plates make for one of the most dynamic and natural indoor riding experiences yet.”

The Tacx Neo Motion Plates complement the left-to-right movement of Tacx Neo smart trainers by adding front-to-back movement, allowing cyclists to adopt a natural riding position and train more effectively.

They also maintain the compact footprint and nearly silent performance that the Tacx Neo smart trainers are known for. The plates install in a snap by magnetically attaching to the underside of compatible Tacx Neo smart trainers.

“Using the new Tacx NEO Motion Plates and my Tacx NEO 2T, I have the best of both worlds – a portable smart trainer that doesn’t require external electricity, and small, user-friendly motion plates that make long trainer rides significantly more comfortable and realistic,” said Hannah Shell, Garmin-sponsored professional cyclist. “With the Tacx NEO Motion Plates, my handlebars move naturally, absorbing some of the “push” from my upper body that normally would land on hard carbon. It’s an absolute game-changer for indoor riding.”

The Tacx NEO Motion Plates have a suggested retail price of $299.99 and are available now at

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