- - Tailfin Offers More Versatility with New Modular Cargo Cage

Tailfin Offers More Versatility with New Modular Cargo Cage

Tailfin’s new modular Cargo Cage offers increased versatility for bikepackers who are seeking to carry more gear without adding much weight to their bikes.   

According to Tailfin, the new 57 gram Cargo Cage is made from CNC 7075-T6 aluminum, boasting greater strength and durable than any other product of its kind, along with a removable “Load Chip” (12 grams) that can accommodate gear both large and small like fuel bottles, tent poles and sleeping pads. Moreover, multiple lashing points and integrated strap slots allow riders to carry even the most difficult items. There’s even a nifty bottle opener designed into the cage.

Additionally, all of the Cargo Cage’s edges have been nicely chamfered so there’s “zero risk of damage to soft bags or straps”. 

The Cargo Cage is available in two lengths, 157 mm and 221 mm, both with generous 72 mm widths to accommodate bulkier, wider items that sell for $55 and $60 respectively. 

You can learn about the new Cargo Cage by visiting Tailfin’s website here.  

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