- - Tailfin Shows-Off New Dry Bag Storage System and Cargo Straps

Tailfin Shows-Off New Dry Bag Storage System and Cargo Straps

To the rejoice of gravel grinders and bikepackers alike, Tailfin is showing-off its latest dry bag storage system and cargo straps, boasting as much as 5 liters of storage capacity and securement to handle even the most challenging of terrain. 

“It’s common knowledge that the most straightforward method for getting more kit on your bike is to strap a dry bag to a rack, frame tube or cargo cage,” says Tailfin.

“It’s a technique that, whilst being pretty excellent at delivering increased volume without needing a tonne of technical equipment, unfortunately also brings plenty of drawbacks,” the British brand adds.

Tailfin’s new Cage Pack range is designed to work seamlessly with its existing Cargo Cages, offering a three levels of storage capacity that’s designed to work in keys areas of the bike.

For example, the smallest 1.7 liter pack is intended to be positioned inside the main triangle of the frame and under the down tube, while the 3 liter pack is designed to be used  for smaller loads on fork and along the side of a rear rack, followed by the 5 liter pack that’s aimed at bulkier loads.

However, unlike traditional packs, Tailfin was keen to design its new Cage Packs with a flat side, resulting in both better frame adaptability, as well as less interference with the rider. But, perhaps it’s the Speed Hook Loading System that stands out the most, eliminating tedious straps associated with other designs.

“We specifically created the Speed Hook system to eliminate the tedious nature of traditional ‘daisy chain’ style closed strap guide loop systems commonly found on existing bikepacking drybags. After many years of coping with the faff of having to unthread cage straps fully with a daisy chain style bag in order to remove it from the  cage, the new Speed Hook system is a revelation,” explains Tailfin.

The Strap Hooks are constructed from strong, flexible TPU that are individually welded to the pack, rather than using cumbersome hardware. Also, since the packs are designed to be use in conjunction with Tailfin’s Cargo Cage system, the brand opted to produce the Cage Packs without an internal framework, allowing the cage to be used as an additional support structure, while heavy-duty 420D Hypalon laminate is used in high wear areas, along with lighter, more flexible ripstop nylon to ensure ideal packing. 

“This technique creates the lowest profile, durable and guaranteed waterproof approach to integrating hardware into a soft bag. We felt this was beneficial in maximizing load capacity, regardless of the often odd shaping of bikepacking kit,” says Tailfin.

“It also increases conformity with the multitude of cage shapes found within the bikepacking world.”

Additionally, the roll-top closure is designed to provide easy, weatherproof access thanks to a unique welding process that results in a completely watertight, seam-free enclosure, guaranteeing the packs to be 100% waterproof.

Also, while Tailfin has designed the packs to work in conjunction with its own Cargo Cages, the company says they can work with virtually any brand of cargo cage. Moreover, the Strap Hooks are also compatible with any brand of cargo strap up to 25mm in width.

Lastly, in addition to its new Cage Packs, Tailfin is now offering its own Cargo Strap range.

“Rather than just copy and paste the classic design, we invested in considerable R&D to offer specific advantages from our Load Lock Buckle design and material selection. The buckle shaping has bicycle frame tubing profiles in mind, and the whole strap utilises non- scratching materials,” says Tailfin.

The Cargo Straps rely on what Tailfin describes as “specifically tuned TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)” and Nylon 6/6 for the Load Lock Buckle, ensuring optimal stretch, strength, grip and secure hold under the most demanding of riding conditions.

“The compound balances stretch, grip and strength while also operating consistently over a wide temperature range,” says Tailfin.

“It’s also highly abrasion resistant, providing reliable resistance to damage. “This material is almost indestructible, you can smash it with a rock or hit it with a hammer, and it will bounce back to shape without breaking a sweat,” the brand claims.

The Cargo Straps are also highlighted by a hook and eyelet interface the runs almost the entire length of the strap in order to provide “effective and positive engagement”.

“The design incorporates a self-locking mechanism that holds fast even when your bag contents shift; an engineered feature that creates peace of mind even when riding rough terrain,” Tailfin explains.

The Cargo Straps are available in the standard 20mm width to ensure a universal fit with all cargo cages and bags, as well as three lengths (40, 50 and 65cm) for compatibility with all sizes of bags and cargo packs.

You can learn more about pricing and availability of the Cage Packs and Cargo Straps by visiting Tailfin’s website here

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