- - Zwift and Team Dimension Data Partner to Send 5,000 Bikes to South Africa

Zwift and Team Dimension Data Partner to Send 5,000 Bikes to South Africa


The indoor training platform Zwift and Team Dimension Data have partnered on a project that hopes to send 5,000 Buffalo Bikes to villages in South Africa – in collaboration with the world bicycle relief program, Qhubeka, 

The program works by Zwift users purchasing special clothing or a bike that their avatar will use online while riding Zwift. Unlocking the virtual Team Dimension Data Qhubeka training kit will require a $25 donation. Unlocking the team Cervélo S5 bikes will cost $183, which is the cost of one Buffalo Bike.

“Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka and our partners are united in promoting Qhubeka’s mission. In this respect, Zwift provides a perfect focal point for us. Unlocking a bike in Zwift to donate a bike for someone in Africa is a super cool idea!” said Doug Ryder, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s team principal. “On a year-round basis we will use the Zwift platform to engage with cyclists around the world, to educate about Qhubeka’s work and to inspire charitable fundraising. Our riders like Zwift, it’s great fun and a good training tool, but crucially it’s an accessible way to help us build the biggest fan base in cycling.”

Eric Min, Zwift’s CEO and co-founder, said, “Qhubeka, alongside their parent organization, World Bicycle Relief, will be our charity partners from 2016. Their work is in tune with our user base and it will be the cornerstone of the social responsibility work Zwift wants to advocate.”

The company said Team Dimension for Qhubeka riders were among the first World Tour riders to adopt Zwift, with team member Edvald Boasson Hagen being their most high profile user.

To give to Qhubeka and unlock virtual goods to use in Zwift, donors should go to

more about the program...


In 2016, Zwift is supporting Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s goal of putting 5,000 on bikes, to mobilize the rural communities of Africa.

You can make a difference by making a donation to Qhubeka and in return we’ll unlock exclusive Qhubeka branded goods in Zwift.

All your donations will contribute to Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka’s goal of providing 5,000 Buffalo bikes bicycle goal for people in Africa, through #BicyclesChangeLives.

Here’s how:

• Donate $25 (USD) and we’ll unlock a Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka virtual jersey

• Donate $183 (USD) and you will pay for the assembly and delivery of a Qhubeka Buffalo bike. We’ll also unlock a special yellow Cervelo for you in Zwift! You get a virtual new bicycle and person in Africa receives a new bicycle in real life.

Here’s how bicycles change lives in Africa:

• For every 16km travelled, a bicycle saves a school child 3 hours of valuable time

• A bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by 5 times

• Healthcare workers can visit more than double the amount of patients per day with a bicycle


Please check the email you use to make donations to Qhubeka is the same as the email you use to log into Zwift.

Unlocks will be processed on a weekly basis. If you don’t see your virtual asset after 7 days, please click here and choose “Qhubeka” from the dropdown menu to contact Zwift Support.

Click here to donate now and ride on

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