- - Team Sky and British Cycling Face New Over the Use of Testosterone Patches

Team Sky and British Cycling Face New Over the Use of Testosterone Patches

The UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) has launched an investigation into former Team Sky and British Cycling doctor, Richard Freeman, after  obtaining evidence that suggests testosterone patches were ordered for both British Cycling and Team Sky under his request.

Curiously, GMC says it discovered an email that was presumably sent from Freeman, asking the supplier to send a response indicating that the package had been sent in error.

According to the report, the British company, Fit 4 Sport Ltd, sent testosterone patches to British Cycling’s headquarters at the National Cycling Centre in 2011, which in turn were questioned by Dr Steve Peters, who was head of medical at British Cycling and Team Sky at the time.

Freeman is alleged to have said that the supplier had sent the package by mistake and it was subsequently returned. He then requested written confirmation from the company that the package had been sent in error as evidence. 

However, when followed up by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), Fit 4 Sport failed to provide written proof that the testosterone patches had in fact been sent in error. British Cycling claims they later terminated their relationship with the supplier.  AdTech Ad

The governing body’s chief executive, Julie Harrington, explained, “As part of our own internal investigation we invited Dr Freeman and our national medical supplier, Fit 4 Sport, to contribute and we were disappointed we didn’t get any co-operation. We will be reviewing our supply partner.”

Both UkAD and the GMC are still investigating the delivery of the testosterone patches as part of ongoing investigation. However, a recent article in the British media outlet, Mail Sport, indicates that the GMC may have already obtained proof that they were in fact ordered by Freeman and this was not an error. 

In response, Team Sky has declined comment on the matter, while British Cycling issued the following response:

“The General Medical Council are investigating matters referred to them by both UK Anti-Doping and British Cycling. We continue to support these investigations and have responded to requests for information. While the GMC is looking into these concerns it would not be appropriate for us to comment.”

UKD also declined to comment, while a spokeswoman for the GMC said, “We’re not able to comment on an ongoing investigation.”

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