- - The "Bici" is the Latest in Bicycle Storage Solutions

The “Bici” is the Latest in Bicycle Storage Solutions

Looking more like an art installation than a bicycle storage solution, the architectural firm of Zeller and Moye has developed the Bici bicycle rack system in response to growing number of cyclists in urban centers around the world — a form of transportation that has seen unprecedented growth during the coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed, motivated by the need for increased parking and storage for bikes during the pandemic, prompted the firm to develop a simple solution that could be installed inside any public or private space such as parks, buildings, commercial shopping areas and residences. 

According to Zeller and Moye, each Bici frame consists of a C-shape that’s designed to accommodate virtually any style of bike, while conic end caps and round holes for tie-downs ensure a secure fit. 

Additionally, the painted steel frames are available in two versions, the Bici high and the Bici low, which can be arranged along a wall in a series of alternating patterns in order to meet the spatial requirements of any location. Moreover, the frames can be easily installed on any wall or floor whether it’s brick, concrete, stone or drywall using simple screws.



Zeller and Moye 


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