- - "The British are Coming" As in the Wattbike Atom Stationary Trainer

“The British are Coming” As in the Wattbike Atom Stationary Trainer

“The British are Coming”, as in the Wattbike Atom stationary trainer.

Indeed, launched just over two years ago, the British company has announced the arrival of its popular trainer to these shores.

“The Atom offers the most authentic, intelligent and adaptable indoor performance training experience for the home, ideal for any cyclist and fitness enthusiast, ” says Wattbike. 

According to Wattbike, the Atom is more accurate when it comes to measuring metrics than any other smart bike trainer, relying on as many as 100 data points per second that when paired with the company’s dedicated app can analyze thousands of data points to evaluate performance and track cycling goals. Moreover, the Atom can also be connected to popular third-party apps including Zwift, TrainingPeaks and via Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

“With Real Ride Feel technology that replicates the sensation of riding on the road, indoor training on the Atom is the closest experience to riding outdoors. The Atom’s flexibility makes it the perfect year-round training tool, no matter the weather, to translate direct performance improvement on and off the road. It is ideal for both the thrill-seeking cycling enthusiast looking to improve pedalling technique and harness those marginal gains, as well as fanatics wanting to satisfy their workout needs at home,” says Wattbike.

In addition to connectivity, the Atom can be adjusted to fit the rider’s desired geometry, thanks to fully adjustable “touch points” and handlebars that can be affixed with time trial/triathlon extensions.

Gearing has also been spread across 22-speeds, allowing the Atom to replicate the sensation of real-world power output with a peak power calculation of up to 2000 watts.   

“We’ve seen a real movement in the indoor cycling world within the past few years as attitudes have profoundly changed,” said Richard Baker, CEO of Wattbike. “We can now train, cycle and race on our own terms in the comfort of our homes. We’re excited to finally bring the Wattbike Atom to homes across the United States and really introduce superior indoor performance-driven training to all.”

The Wattbike Atom is available for purchase at for $2,599, along with free shipping and delivery in the USA.

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