- - The "Cool Beans" Custom Retro Trailer Could be the Perfect Abode for the Traveling Cyclist

The “Cool Beans” Custom Retro Trailer Could be the Perfect Abode for the Traveling Cyclist

The Cool Beans custom retro trailer could very well be the prefect abode for the traveling cyclist who’s looking for a warm cabin, a gourmet galley, smartphone monitoring and plenty of storage when there are no lodgings available.  

Cool Beans is an Australian company that arrived on scene in 2019, offering cyclists a healthy dose of nostalgia with a classic teardrop trailer that harks back to the 1960’s.

The Cool Beans trailer offers accommodations for two including a cosy queen-size bed interior, a rear lift-up kitchen and an egg-shaped profile with exposed wheels and guards.

But, to set it apart from other bean-shaped trailers, it has plenty of hand-crafted bespoke touches such as D-shaped entry doors with glass porthole windows and a polished aluminum finish for the one-piece roof section and wheel fenders.

Customers can also personalize their trailers with the option of any exterior color for the side walls and steel wheels.

The Cool Beans trailer also comes with a 12V/240V power system, including an AGM battery with solar and Anderson plug connections that’s housed within a drawbar-mounted aluminum box that can be monitored remotely via a smart phone app.

Additionally, the interior includes a rear backrest, two reading lamps, USB/12V charging ports, a roof hatch and a number of cupboards and drawers, while the rear kitchen includes a 2.2 cubic feet slide-out portable fridge, stainless sink with taps that’s connected to a 13 gallon water tank, a two-burner cooktop running off of a 9 pound propane bottle, LED lighting, charging points, bench-top and storage drawers. Moreover, the trailer is built with a steel chassis with an aluminum and plywood body.

The trailer also comes equipped with a ball coupling, jockey wheel, spare tire, leaf spring suspension, electric brakes, a 10 gallon waste water tank and a ventilated/insulated roof with skylight.

The Cool Beans trailer measures 15.4 feet (4.7 m) in length and tares in at 1,985 lb (900 kg). 

The Cool Beans Standard model sells for AU$32,000 (approx. US$22,450), which includes a powder coated finish in the buyer’s choice of color, while the AU$35,000 (US$24,550) Custom Off Road model gets upgraded with a reinforced chassis, heavy-duty leaf spring suspension, fenders and roof rack.

However, above and beyond the two models, Cool Beans says it can customize each trailer to the buyer’s wants and needs.



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