- - The FLIT-16 Brings Foldability to the eBike Segment

The FLIT-16 Brings Foldability to the eBike Segment

Touting foldability and electric-assistance, combined with a refined aesthetic, the newly launched FLIT-16 is aimed at offering the urban cyclist a simple and versatile eBike that’s capable of conquering the expanse of the cityscape. 

Weighing in at an impressive 30.8 pounds, the FLIT-16 is a lightweight eBike that features a custom elastomer suspension, a long-lasting 250-watt lithium-ion battery that’s able to provide enough charge for a 30 mile trip and a 41.7-inch wheelbase for a smooth and comfortable ride. And, once folded, it can be carried or rolled on its back wheel.

Additionally, the rear wheel comprises a high torque motor that provides electric-assistance in accordance with the rider’s own effort, giving total control over the FLIT-16’s speed, Moreover, both the rear light, which is built into the back of the frame, and the fixed front light are controlled via the handlebar display, while the rear light also functions as a brake light and offers excellent visibility during nighttime riding. 

What further sets the FLIT-16 apart, is the dual-side torque sensor, which results in better traction, higher acceleration and “a more natural push rather than a pull feeling to the assistance.”

The FLIT-16’s cleanly designed frame is made from a heat-treated 6000 series aluminum to provide excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Also, key contact surfaces have been reinforced with stainless steel inserts to minimize wear and further increase durability. 

“Our bike folds small but retains a great ride,” said Alex Murray, Flit co-founder and managing director. “It’s lightweight but is still durable, and it’s clean design aesthetic matches the minimalist style popular among city professionals.”

For its design innovation, FLIT has already won multiple grants, and has support from the likes of the Design Council, the University of Cambridge and Britain’s Department for Transport.

The FLIT-16 also recently won the ACID Design & IP Champion award and has also been selected as a Eurobike Startup Award finalist.

FLIT has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering a special price of $1,527 ($1,000 off the regular retail price) for early-backers, with the goal of raising $30,500 by September 7.  

After the campaign ends, the FLIT-16 will be available online through Indiegogo InDemand until the Kickstarter supply is delivered, says Murray, who added it’s too early to say if and when a dealer network will be built.

“At the moment, we are considering a number of different business models once we have finished the campaign and built an online community.” says Murray. 

FLIT will exhibit the FLIT-16 at this year’s Eurobike Show in September. 


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