- - The Folding "Urban Bicycle" by Zheren Zheng

The Folding “Urban Bicycle” by Zheren Zheng

Just as its name implies, the Urban Bicycle by Zheren Zheng (try saying that name 10 times fast) is aimed at providing city dwellers with a compact, foldable, easy-to-use and efficient way of traversing the urban landscape.

Designed with working professionals in mind, the Urban Bicycle features a lightweight aluminum frame that houses its belt drive system neatly within the bike’s one-piece body (no need to worry about getting your pant leg or dress caught).

In addition, its unique loop handlebar also doubles as a locking system, eliminating the need for a peripheral lock that can be a nuisance to carry. 

All the rider needs to do is simply hit the release and wrap the loop around a post or bike rack and snap back in to place. 

However, for cyclists who would prefer to store it in their office or home, the Urban Bicycle can be folded up in such a way that its footprint is no larger than a standing person.

It even has disc brakes and a clever shock absorber that cantilevers the bike’s top beam, which is designed to eliminate unwanted vibration from the road

Where can you get one?

Unfortunately, you can’t, as Zheren’s Urban Bicycle is merely a concept hoping to one day come to fruition.   



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