- - The Hedkayse ONE is a Multi-Impact Foldable Cycling Helmet

The Hedkayse ONE is a Multi-Impact Foldable Cycling Helmet

The Hedkayse ONE is a multi-impact foldable cycling helmet that can be used again after impact.

What gives the Hedkayse ONE its reusable nature is a patented material called Enkayse, which has similar properties to thick memory foam that can return the helmet to its original shape when compressed. Moreover, the same material allows it to be folded into half its size, making it convenient for the urban cyclist to stow it away when not in use.

Additionally, the flexible nature of Enkayse allows the Hedkayse ONE to fit a wide-range of head sizes from 49cm to 58.5cm. 

The outer shell of the Hedkayse ONE comprises a strong, low-friction nylon fabric called TAF (Tough and Flexible), which the British brand says “reduces tugging forces from the road surface in the event of a crash.”

The Hedkayse ONE also features a quick-release ratchet strap called QARC, which is similar to ratchet closures found on cycling shoes that can be released via a small fabric tab.

The Hedkayse ONE is available in six different colors for £150.

Unfortunately for us yanks, the helmet is not yet available in the USA. 



Hedkayse ONE

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