- - The Invisibel Automatic Helmet Offers 360° Protection

The Invisibel Automatic Helmet Offers 360° Protection

A new, far-flung automatic bike helmet called the Invisibel was recently launched on Kickstarter, which springs into action at the first sign of trouble a cyclist may encounter while riding.

Offering 360° full head protection, the Invisibel is capable of deploying head protection in under 0.1 of a second thanks to its automatic triggering mechanism. Moreover, the helmet is integrated into an easy-to-handle backpack that offers enough space for most daily items.  

“The helmet construction consists of seven lightweight safety bars that spread out to enclose the entire head including the face and neck. A Kevlar-sheet on the top covers the gaps between bars, offering seamless protection of the top of the head. Given the all-embracing nature of the helmet, it also delivers comprehensive protection of the cervical spine by preventing over-twisting of the head upon angular impact. As the Invisibel system is integrated into a backpack with back cushions and a robust inner casing, the spine is also optimally guarded,” explain the designers.

“Two pretensioners along the shoulder straps of the backpack tighten around the shoulders upon helmet activation to pull the construction into place. This guarantees precise opening of the helmet over the cyclist’s head. By utilizing the mechanism behind seat belts, the pretensioners and therefore the position of the expanded helmet can not be changed by force. By properly folding the helmet back into its casing, the pretensioners regain their original state, “ they add. 

The Invisibel is available to early-backers for $415. If the campaign is successful, the helmet is expected to become available sometime around December 2021.

You can learn more about the Invisibel helmet by visiting Kickstarter here.

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