- - The RABA is an Origami-Like Bike Helmet that Folds Flat in Seconds

The RABA is an Origami-Like Bike Helmet that Folds Flat in Seconds

While the concept of designing a folding helmet is nothing new, creating a viable product that can be brought to market has always been an undertaking desperate for a home run. However, the South Korean company, Nature Mobility, is hoping to knock it out-of-the-park with its origami-like folding helmet called the RABA.

The RABA features a series of pre-folds that allow it to pack flat. But, the helmet can be sprung into shape in a matter of seconds, offering protection and comfort via a patch-work of hardshell diamonds and triangles, along with inner foam cushioning. 

Like other bike helmets, the RABA relies on a combination of EPS foam and ABS thermoplastic to provide shock-absorbing protection. Yet, the innovative lid skips a traditional vented-dome shape in favor of the aforementioned panels that are held together by a tarpaulin fabric, while the ribs of the RABA’s structure come together courtesy of a BOA-style wire system, whereby twisting the dial tightens the pieces together into shape, quickly conforming to the cyclist’s head to create a custom fit.

For those on the go, the RABA breaks down even more quickly than it twists into shape, wherein the cyclist needs only to pull open the dial in order to loosen the cables, thus allowing the helmet fold flat in a second or two.

From there, it can be laid flat in a suitcase or large shoulder bag, or folded in half to fit in a smaller bag. The helmet can even be rolled up and stowed in a small pack or a cargo basket.

Nature Mobility says it tested 60 different prototypes before deciding on a final design, choosing the best-performing materials to achieve the best combination of head protection and portability for urban cyclists wising to traverse the cityscape in safety.  

As a result, Nature Mobility earned a 2022 Red Dot Award for its RABA, as well as a finalist for a 2022 IDEA Award.

It’s unclear whether or not the RABA might meet production, but Nature Mobility says it has already been certified for various helmet safety standards. 




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