- - The Reflective Bicycle by Happarel Bicycles

The Reflective Bicycle by Happarel Bicycles

To be seen, or not to be seen?, is a question that’s easily answered by Happarel Bicycles in Berlin.

Happarel has turned to crowd-funding as a means of getting their Reflective Bicycle in motion, which they claim brings a new level of safety and aesthetics to the urban cycling culture. 

However, rather than resorting to manufacturing, Happarel believes in “up cycling”, wherein a preexisting bike, or a reclaimed one, is suitable to receive their “Reflective Makeover”.

Happarel is no stranger when it comes to dismantling, refinishing and reassembling bikes, based on a client’s wish list of custom accents.  

Indeed, Happarel’s process allows them to rework an existing bike, or help clients source a used one, that might otherwise be destined to the heap, and turn it into the individualized two-wheeled machine of their dreams. 

To learn more about Happarel’s Reflective Bicycle, checkout their Kickstarter campaign at:



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