- - The SPLACH Electric Scooter Features Front and Rear Suspension

The SPLACH Electric Scooter Features Front and Rear Suspension

If there’s one thing that cyclists fear more than cars, it’s scooters. Yet, despite a push from urban planners to limit their use in some cities, the electric scooter has become more and more a popular means of micromobility.

Capitalizing on this trend, the Los Angeles-based SPLACH has launched a new e-scooter, which they hope to see under the feet of city-dwellers as a viable means of compact transportation to transverse the urban landscape on. 

The SPLACH e-scooter features a robust 800W motor that’s capable of reaching a top speed of 25 mph, along with a travel distance of up to 37 miles on a single charge. But, perhaps the scooter’s most impressive feature is its mix of solid and pneumatic tires that work in conjunction with a highly flexible front and rear suspension system that can be manually adjusted for maximum comfort according to the individual’s weight and road conditions.

“Say goodbye to bumps in the road with SPLACH’s  Ultra-Smooth Hot Hatch E-scooter, the ideal vehicle for city commute and cross country racing.  We prioritize comfort on functional, entertaining rides.  With first-class ultra-smooth suspension system, riding is a joy.   With the flexible freedom SPLACH offers, a compact, convenient solution for the first mile, the last mile, and everything in between. The powerful motor allows speedy acceleration, offering riders the  excitement of racing.  It’s your partner not just for weekdays but also for your laid-back weekends.  Balancing comfort and convenience, speed and safety, we are proud to share a revolutionary way of life,” says SPLACH. 

Additionally, the SPLACH is equipped with front and rear drum brakes, built-in LED lights, an anti-theft alarm system, dual charging ports and an identification card that’s swiped to lock and unlock the scooter.

SPLACH has currently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, offering a special price of $799 for early-backers, which you can learn more about here.


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