- - The Stache Modular Bottle Can Hold Both Water and Gear

The Stache Modular Bottle Can Hold Both Water and Gear

Developed by British entrepreneur Philip Finden, the Stache modular bottle consists of four different parts, allowing cyclists to carry both water and gear at the same time thanks to a series of threaded interfaces that hold everything together.

The Stache is made from BPA-free transparent plastic that’s open at both ends, along an integrated BPA-free silicone bite valve that screws onto the top.

From there, the end cap can be swapped for one that’s deeper-volume, allowing for more water capacity, while a cylindrical storage unit that screws onto the bottom of the bottle can also be added, creating a storage compartment that can stow essentials like tire repair tools ect..

“Our unique threaded design means you can choose what your bottle does for you, small or large lower caps can be used with Co2 or Stealth storage inserts… you decide how to build your perfect bottle,” says Finden.

The main bottle is offered in two sizes, with the larger of the two capable of carrying up to .625 ml (21 oz) without  the storage unit in place.

Findem has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kicksater, offering special pricing (about $14.00) on the Stache modular bootle to early-backers.


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