- - The UCI to Continue Disc Brake Trials in 2016

The UCI to Continue Disc Brake Trials in 2016

Cycling’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), announced today, in cooperation with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), they will continue disc brake testing trials in professional road racing in 2016.

Initial trials were carried out in August and September 2015, with UCI WorldTour teams being given the opportunity to use bikes equipped with disc brakes at two events of their choice.

After extensive discussions with its stakeholders, the UCI has decided to allow the use of disc brakes by riders across all divisions of UCI professional road teams:

• UCI WorldTeams
• UCI Professional Continental Teams
• UCI Continental Teams
• UCI Women’s Teams.

The use of disc brakes will be carefully monitored throughout the year with a view of definitively allowing them to be used in professional road cycling from 2017 onward.

Following the decision to further test disc brakes, the UCI has modified articles 1.3.017 and 1.3.020 of its Regulations relating to frames and forks. These changes will go into effect starting  January 1, 2016.

The UCI has also approved several modifications to its Regulations with regard to saddles and wheel safety characteristics (articles 1.3.014 and 1.3.018). The former will come into effect on the 1st December 2015 and the latter on the 1st January 2016.

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