- - The Upright Water Bottle is Aimed at "Cheating the Wind"

The Upright Water Bottle is Aimed at “Cheating the Wind”

If you’re a cyclist who’s looking to take advantage of every aerodynamic gain that’s available, then the Upright water bottle maybe your ticket to further cheating the wind

Developed by Dutch cyclist Lex van der Meiden, the Upright is being produced under the name Nothirst, which features a three-part angled design that otherwise looks like a traditional water bottle, allowing the cyclist to remain in an aero position while hydrating. 

Made from bio-based food-grade LDPE (low-density polyethylene, the 750 ml (25 fl oz) Upright is currently being offered via a Kickstarter campaign with a pledge of €15 (about US$16).

If Nothirst’s crowd-funding goal is reached, additional colors and a 1,000-ml (34-fl-oz) version will be offered.

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