- - THM Offers Exclusive Components from "Stem to Stern"

THM Offers Exclusive Components from “Stem to Stern”


On the good fortune that one’s financial resources are such, that a Russian oligarch can be paid to do your cat-sitting, there’s a no-expense spared range of components that can bejewel your bike from stem to stern. Enthusiasts know them as THM’s ultra exclusive crankset, stem and brake set.

In the past, seekers of these carbon fiber gems had to find viable channels in which to get their hands on them. However, THM now has a global web-shop that allows easy access for clients to attain their coveted products.

That’s right, clients not customers. Clients attain goods, whereas customers merely buy them.


The current range of components consists of THM’s Clavicula crankset, Fibular brake set and Tibia stem. 


Price you ask?

As the saying goes, if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it.

more from THM…

THM-Carbones is at the forefront of what is technically feasible in cycle components. At our factory Am Sportplatz, every design is built by hand, using the most advanced production methods.

For example, we set a new standard when we built Scapula, the first carbon fiber fork with continuous fibers from the steerer all the way down to the dropouts. Testing on our own custom test rigs far exceeds all applicable safety norms.

Our Clavicula cranks, Tibia stem and Fibula brakes have been continuously refined and new 2017 models remain the world’s lightest series-manufactured carbon components of their type. Almost all THM team members in Germany are actively engaged in engineering and production.

Since THM’s merger with 3T in 2016, they are actively exchanging ideas with their colleagues in Italy, with the aim of expanding our combined in-house manufacturing capability.







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