- - TIME Sport Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with the SKYLON Design Challenge

TIME Sport Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with the SKYLON Design Challenge


TIME will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December 2016 – 30 years of accepting and meeting the challenge! The challenge of creating the best cycling products in the world.

TIME would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of this celebration.

Your challenge is to create a graphic/paint design for a SKYLON frame. The winning design will be included in our 2016/2017 collection as a limited edition and will be released at Eurobike 2016.

The frame will be called “The challenge by (Roland CATTIN’s signature)”. A visionary and courageous man, Roland CATTIN, TIME Sport’s founder, believed in and defended these values throughout his life: “Made in France”, “quality”, “passion”, “elegance”, “innovation”. Roland CATTIN passed away in October 2014 and we would like to pay tribute to his work. Your design must speak to the values and qualities of the TIME brand. It must also answer the question “What makes TIME so special in terms of passion, innovation, competition?”

We call upon your creativity and talent to submit a design before the end of February 2016.

The person with the winning design will receive a sample of the limited edition (frame translink + Aktiv fork + stem + handlebar)

Download the frame image templates below “Download Frame Template 1” and “”Download Frame Template 2” and start designing your masterpiece. The winning design will best express Roland CATTIN’s vision and passion for TIME.

When you are finished you can submit your design clicking on “Upload Your Design”. We will accept .JPEG, .PNG or .JPG files only.

Bonne Chance!


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