- - Top 10 Winter Training Tips

Top 10 Winter Training Tips

Cycling coach and trainer, Pav Bryan, shares his Top 10 Winter Training Tips

1. Buy a turbo trainer; you don’t need to spend much but unless you plan on riding in all-weather you will need one. It’s a good back-up unless you know you’ll have the time to get outside for every session

2. Write down your goals for next season; having a list will motivate you to train. What events are you going to do? What results do you want? How will you get there? Write it all down as process goals so you can monitor progress

3. A training plan will help you realise these goals. Work out what time you have to spend each week, then work out what intensity is best for that duration. It’s pointless doing 1 hour Zone 1, but you could use that time to brush up on your technical skills?

4. Check the weekly weather forecast; plan your rides and complete. Get your kit on without thinking about the ride, I find once dressed nothing’s stopping me!

5. Progress your training; build up to your goals, resist the temptation to do too much too soon. This is really important as most people will struggle to maintain a high intensity throughout the winter & might fatigue when they want to be peaking

6. Challenge yourself to break a personal best or achievement; for example most amount of hours (preferably over miles) in one ride or in one week. Track your progress using Training Peaks or Strava

7. Join a club; riding with others will help you during long efforts in adverse conditions. It will also teach you how to ride in a group & proper etiquette

8. Get a coach or personal trainer; someone who will keep you focused and on track, event if it’s just so you’re accountable to someone. I have a few in various support roles for me

9. Invest in decent lights & a decent rain jacket; don’t get caught out in the dark or the rain

10. Imagine what it would be like to achieve your goals; and what you’ll feel like if you don’t. Will a picture help motivate you to train if you put it by your bike, or something on your fridge to eat right? Find anyway to remind yourself why you are training.

Pav Bryan is a British Cycling Level 3 Road and Time Trial qualified and licensed Cycling Coach, and Open Time Trial Winner who specializes in taking cyclists and developing a training plan to help them to not only reach their goals but surpass them. With over 10 years coaching experience I am the person to trust with your athletic future.

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