- - TorchONE Helmet Boasts 360 Degree Lighting

TorchONE Helmet Boasts 360 Degree Lighting

TorchApparel has launched its latest TorchONE helmet, which boasts a removable 360-degree lighting display in a water-resistant design.

The TorchONE also features copious amounts of ventilation, comprising now fewer than 10 large vents, while the lighting display is fully rechargeable using Micro USB3 plug-in. There’s also the TorchVISOR that can be added for use on sunny days. 

The TorchONE helmet is available in sizes ranging from 54-62cm, along with a wide range of colors such as Slate Grey, Midnight Black, Neon Yellow and Arctic White.

TorchApparel is in the process of launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering special incentives to early-backers. 


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