- - TrainerRoad is Now Compatible with Android Devices

TrainerRoad is Now Compatible with Android Devices


It’s been a long time coming, but as of this week, TrainerRoad’s training software is now supported by Android devices. 

According to TrainerRoad, its latest Android version is supported by most devices as long as they are running Android 5 Lollipop or higher. However, the company is still viewing the new platform as a beta release, which initially supports the following features:

– Completing TrainerRoad workouts (duh)
– Support for Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C
– Support for Virtual Power (no power meter required)
– Support for Power Match (ability to control trainer using secondary power meter)

Because the majority of Android phones do support ANT+ FE-C (unlike iOS devices), TrainerRoad says it’s able to support both the above mentioned devices, as well as many other ANT+ devices natively on their app.


In addition, TrainerRoad says the new app will automatically download any extra required ANT+ components for you. And, for the rest of the current generation smart phones that do not support ANT+ natively, the company says you can easily use an ANT+ USB stick through an adapter. 

TrainerRoad currently supports the following devices:

– Power meters (ANT+/BLE)
– Smart Trainers (ANT+/BLE)
– Speed/Cadence sensors (ANT+/BLE)
– Heart-rate sensors (ANT+/BLE)

However, TrainerRoad says there are some features that are still forthcoming such as: 

– Searching for and following training plans
– Filtering workouts by power zone, duration, and intensity
– Additional training progress charts

You can learn more about TrainerRoad’s new Android supported app and their available training software here. 

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