- - Urwahn and Vagabund Team Up to Create the "Stadtfuchs" Commuter Bike

Urwahn and Vagabund Team Up to Create the “Stadtfuchs” Commuter Bike

These’s a myriad of commuter bikes on the market these days, with each brand touting versatility and ease of transport in hopes of assuaging the urban cyclist to their corner. 

While most of these bikes possess a mostly traditional design, there are some that completely defy convention.

Such is the case of the Stadtfuchs, a seattube-less frame design created through a joint effort between the German bicycle company Urwahn and the Australian motorcycle company Vagabund.

Studtfuchs is a project bike that features a handmade steel frame, a Gates belt drive system, hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated LED light and GPS tracking system courtesy of a self-contacting dynamo hub.

As mention however, the standout feature of the Studtfuchs is its lack of a typical “double-diamond” frame, wherein the headtube, seattube, seatstays and chainstays commonly come together to form what is referred to as the “rear triangle”. Instead, the bike’s toptube and seatpost flow directly into the swooping seatstays, completely eliminating the seattube from the layout. 

Additionally, the frame’s joinery is produced using 3D printing technology, enough to earn the Studtfuchs a prestigious RED DOT award for its design. 

For all of its innovation, the Stadtfuchs doesn’t come cheap, fetching a hefty price of €4,499.




Urwahh x Vagabund

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