- - VAAST Promotes Sustainability with Bikes Made from Recyclable Magnesium

VAAST Promotes Sustainability with Bikes Made from Recyclable Magnesium

The Ohio-based VAAST Bikes is one of the increasing number of companies to embrace the practice of sustainability by producing bikes made from 100% recyclable materials. 

Indeed, using the cutting-edge alloy, ALLITE SUPER MAGNESIUM, VAAST has created four models, the A/1, M/1, U/1, and Y/1 that span the gravel, MTB, urban and youth bike segments.

According to VAAST, ALLITE SUPER MAGNESIUM is a specially formulated magnesium alloy that weighs 33% less and offers 20x greater shock absorption than aluminum, while also weighing 50% less and 56% stronger than titanium. But, perhaps most importantly, it’s 100% recyclable, making it a viable, sustainable option.

“As the benefits of magnesium are becoming more well-known, we are excited to introduce VAAST Bikes to the market as the premier model for sport performance,” said Joey Burke, Marketing Manager. “We have meticulously designed these bikes with a consumer-first mentality, enabling you to reach farther and successfully go further with a ride experience like none other.”

The A/1, M/1, and U/1 are offered in two specifications to accommodate universal riding from flat roads to mountain peaks, windy trails, and beyond. All VAAST models follow a unique sizing structure, creating a fit fine-tuned to the rider. VAAST measurements are focused on the dimension to the center of the handlebar, the most important contact point for the rider, formulated to complement optimal geometry.

A/1 serves as VAAST’s hallmark model—embodying the brand’s focus on versatility, functionality, and optimal performance. Weighing in at approximately 1,200 grams, the A/1 enables riders to ride all ways, offering dropped chainstays to accommodate 700C or 650B tires, a threaded bottom bracket (T47 30 mm) for less creak and better serviceability, dedicated 1X drivetrains, and fender and rack mounts ready for any adventure. The A/1 retails at $2,499.00 USD.

VAAST Bikes is the latest addition to parent company United Wheels Limited, which owns the Huffy Corporation, Niner, Batch Bicycles, Royce Union and Buzz E-Bikes, and collectively produces more than 5 million bicycles annually in 40 countries.

You can catch a glimpse of VAAST’s range of bikes on display at this week’s Eurobike show.

Otherwise you can visit their website here 

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