- - Vadolibero's "VERTIK Satin" is the Most Stylish Bicycle Stand Imaginable

Vadolibero’s “VERTIK Satin” is the Most Stylish Bicycle Stand Imaginable

Had Liberace been a keen cyclist back in the day, the VERTIK Satin would have undoubtedly struck the piano maestro as being the candelabra of bicycle stands.

Stylish bicycle stands are nothing new from Vadolibero, as the Italian brand has offered similarly ornate models in the past, receiving acclaim for its initial silver and black versions when they first appeared last year. 

“As more and more cyclists around the globe choose to take their beautiful bike inside, even in the living room, space-saving solutions are very much welcomed. VERTIK is the most innovative answer: not only it’s a breath-taking floor lamp that illuminates the room with a radiant light and, thanks to its sleek contemporary design, stands out in all surroundings like a luminous sculpture”, says Vadolibero.

As one can glean from the images, the VERTIK Satin is a freestanding design that nicely stores one’s coveted bike in an upright position, enhancing the frame design and overall beauty of the bike, while saving considerable space.

Better still, for the consummate euro-geek, the stand 100% made in Italy and comes fully assembled. 

The VERTIK Satin takes on the shape of a handlebar, while its hand-vanished mineral glow bronze finish catches the eye of everyone around it.

On the other side of stand’s extension is a plexiglass finish, resulting in a mirrored silhouette that changes from every perspective.

Inside the shell of the VERTIK Satin is a string of dimmable LED lights that further highlight the beauty of the bike. Moreover, the stand is equipped with a touch sensor switch, allowing it to be turned on and off with a simple tap, or dimmed by pressing a finger to the sensor.

Additionally, the dome-shaped base has a recess in the center, designed to fit any type of wheel, from the slimmest of road bikes, to MTB and fat bikes. 

The base of the VERTIK Satin is made of rigid polyurethane and is hand-painted, which rests on a rotating metal device that allows the owner to positioned the stand to his or her liking.  

Lastly, the height of the VERTIK Satin is set via a leather covered metal pin that can be moved up and down the stand, while a velcro strap secures the bike’s fork after the back wheel has been placed in the base.  

Want one?

You better have plenty of lira to plunk down, as the VERTIK Satin comes with a hefty price tag of $2,150, enough to send Liberace into a crescendo of sticker shock.    





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