- - Vans Offers Special Edition Rockshox Slip-Ons

Vans Offers Special Edition Rockshox Slip-Ons

photo credits @ Singletrack

We put this out there with great trepidation, because we have no idea where to find these, but Vans is apparently offering a special Rockshox edition of their popular slip-ons.  

Curiously, neither Vans or Rockshox’s current owner, SRAM, gives any clues as to where one can purchase these groovy leather kicks.  

Perhaps it’s best, otherwise the streets would be knee-deep in kombucha and craft-beer with hipsters fighting over them. 

Ironically, Rockshox offered a similarly groovy leather jacket back in the day when most of these hipsters weren’t even born yet.

Good luck on your hunt for the Rockshox Vans.

Let us know if you find any.  

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