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veloToze Rubberized Shoe Covers

veloToze claims to have reinvented the cycling shoe cover. And, they may very well have.

I can’t tell you how many different iterations of cycling shoe covers I’ve gone through over the years. In some instances, they either failed to provide adequate wind protection and warmth beyond cheese cloth, or I’d just as soon be wearing a pair of fireman’s boots. Either way, there have been very few along the way that have yielded a level of comfort and much needed protection from the elements.  

velotoze are light weight, flexible covers that are made from rubber, which can easily be stored in your jersey pocket or saddle bag. But, most importantly, they provided total shielding from the wind and the wet. And, did I mention that they’re inexpensive ?  😉 

Check them out ! 


veloToze was born out of necessity by a group of dedicated cyclists in Sonoma County, California. We wanted to enjoy our ride in the rain or cold and still end up with warm, dry feet. After trying a lot of different shoe covers (and still finding ourselves with cold, wet feet), we decided to start from scratch. We created two totally new products – veloToze Tall and Short shoe covers.

The Tall shoe covers are designed for cold, rainy or snowy days. The Short shoe covers are designed for cool or foggy days. In addition to working better than any other shoe cover out there, we think they look pretty awesome. But don’t believe us, try them for yourself!

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